Come on in from the rocky shores of the internet and visit my blog for a bit. My name is Daniel Mainwaring.  I am a current student at the University of Florida, and this blog is an assignment for one of my current classes. The class is Internet Literature. This blog is to be an exploratory screen in which I sound out ideas and concepts of my own aesthetic.

In this space, I am going to discover a vocabulary that I can use to describe the experiences I have while interacting with different pieces of internet literature, along with the inclusion of other mediums. In this journey, I am going to relate the various bits and accumulated particles of e-lit to Calvino’s Six Memos for the Next Millennium.In Six Memos, Calvino tells us about five indispensable qualities of literature (lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, and multiplicity) that are universal values by which we can judge our own tastes of art that we encounter.

So what I will be doing here is taking those qualities and applying them to pieces of e-lit that I have encountered. In order to better show my mastery of the concept I will then take you through my thought processes and show where I fall on the continuity of the quality, as most of them are polar constructions (lightness and weight, quickness and dilation of time, exactitude and vagueness, etc.). I will also be using Lupton and Philips Graphic Design The New Basics in order to identify the design elements that I find closest to the concepts described in Calvino.



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